MONDAY August 29, 2016

No more
shorts, slippers

Image: Looking her best at all times a priority for Miss Malaysia World Tatiana Kumar.  — Mukhriz Zabidi

Words: Lavinia Louis

Waking up to a new week after being named Miss Malaysia World 2016, Tatiana Kumar is still trying to get used to the overnight fame.

The 18-year-old was crowned on Saturday night and since then, her phone has been going off non-stop.

Until this morning, my phone has been buzzing with social media notifications and congratulatory messages." 

If there is one thing Tatiana wants now, it is to get a good night's sleep — a much needed rest after the pageant.

I only got five hours of sleep the past two nights — there were events and interviews I needed to attend after winning." 

Tatiana's triumphant moment. Image: Mukhriz Zabidi

Tatiana admits she is "under pressure" to dress well every time she leaves home — to uphold her image.

I can't be seen wearing shorts and slippers!"

Tatiana still has not seen her family since winning the pageant.

Dad is planning a small celebration this week with the rest of the contestants. I really miss my mum and sister." 

Lacking sleep but still pumped up over her win. Image: Facebook (Fly FM)

For today and tomorrow, Tatiana's schedule will be packed with interviews and a few events.

I did an interview with Fly FM this morning. Tomorrow, I'm signing a contract as Wacoal's (lingerie) spokesperson."

Hopefully then I'm able to get some rest."